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Welcome to Grimley and Holt CE Primary

Mr Richards
Head Teacher

At the heart of Grimley village, we are much more than a school, we are a tight-knit community where each child is valued as an individual and encouraged to flourish.

What is our aim?

What is a Grimley and Holt child like?

Above all, Grimley and Holt is a happy school, where children enjoy their school life. We have an ethos of mutual respect, care and affection, where our oldest children look out for our newest additions, and where staff and children endeavour to live out Christian values, behaving towards each other with patience and kindness.

All these elements come together to create an environment in which each child is nurtured, encouraged to find their own aspirations, and to reach their individual potential.

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SENDCo: Esther Skelton (contact)

We Use The Mantle of the Expert

What is it?

Mantle of the Expert is a teaching approach that uses drama and inquiry to create meaningful and purposeful activities for learning. This method involves the students taking on the role of an expert team that is commissioned by a fictional client to perform specific tasks that involve problem-solving and dealing with a pre-designed situation.

The teacher plays multiple roles, including being a member of the team, to add tension and guide the students’ learning both inside and outside the context. This approach is not a “discovery” approach where the teacher sits back and observes, but one where the teacher guides and supports the students throughout the learning process. It is essential that students are aware from the beginning that they are participating in a fictional context.

Mantle of the Expert was developed by British educator Dorothy Heathcote and is an inquiry-drama-based learning approach that puts the community at its centre. 

The name “Mantle of the Expert” alludes to the Polynesian people of New Zealand, the Māori tribe, and the korowai mantle that the wise members of the tribe wore in celebration of their knowledge. It may also refer to the “mantle of Elijah” passage in the Bible (2 Kings 2:11-14). Heathcote was awarded an MBE for her work in education.

An example task of Mantle of the Expert might involve students taking on the role of scientists and dealing with a dinosaur egg discovered on an uninhabited island. The teacher would lead the creation of the island and facilitate the learning by providing images of islands, habitats, and geographical features.

The context would properly begin when the teacher gathers the students and tells them the story/ commission/ team objective (but in a peer-to-peer tone rather than story time) and guides them on their learning task. The teacher provides various activities designed to develop curriculum learning and reflects on the students’ work while introducing other steps, all while guiding and shaping their journey.

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Spaces for Reception and Nursery September 2024

We have spaces available in Reception and Barty’s Nursery for September 2024.

Please contact the School Office ( for more information, or to organise visit to our School or Nursery.

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