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The Music Curriculum


Our school Music curriculum was developed prior to the new National Curriculum being launched in 2014 by staff in consultation with the Local Music Authority (now the local Music Hub – Severn Arts), The Chantry School at Martley, (the local high school that the majority of our year 6 pupils attend after leaving here) and a retired University professor of Music Education from Birmingham University. This curriculum formed a two year rolling programme of study due to the school’s split year group classes and has been used with minor alterations since the academic year 2014-2015.

This curriculum, and the school’s passion for music teaching, has been rewarded with the Music Mark for the years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

The Music curriculum has been revised in June 2022 for use in the school years 2022-2023 and 2023-2024. At its heart are the same key elements that were present within the original curriculum (designed in 2014) but it now reflects the greater range of resources available within school and online. It continues our strong focus of instrumental teaching and singing but this now appears alongside specific piece / genre studies which are taken from a range of styles both popular and classical and from different stages of musical history. Teaching of the Key Musical Elements is embedded throughout. There is also an increase of focus on music technology due to major developments in this area since 2014. This again uses a two year rolling programme.

The new curriculum uses units from music schemes including Music Express, Charanga, BBC Ten Pieces and Sing Up.

Children's musical learning at Grimley and Holt

Children have weekly Music lessons that follow the curriculum overview plan outlined below, with the major focus on completing the skills progressions outlined in this policy. This is in line with the whole school approach. Music will also be used within other subjects and where possible included within one Mantle of the Expert topic for each class, each year.


Music plays an important role in fostering an enjoyable experience for both pupils and teachers. It enables children to participate in a diverse range of musical experiences, which in turn helps them build up their confidence and self-esteem. When learning music, children develop their understanding of rhythm and pitch, as well as learn how music is structured and the technical vocabulary associated with these elements. As children’s confidence and knowledge grows, they enjoy the performance aspect of music. Moreover, students are exposed to music from different cultures and eras, thus gaining a more in-depth understanding of the world around them.


At our school, we believe that music plays a crucial role in the education and development of our students. While we do have dedicated music classes, we also incorporate elements of music into other areas of learning, such as mathematics, languages, and dance. Our singing assembly, held weekly, provides students with opportunities to develop their singing skills and learn about the workings of ensembles. We believe that performances, such as Christmas plays and nativities, as well as end-of-year shows, are important to showcase the role of music in our school. Additionally, we offer extracurricular activities, including choir and music lessons, to give our students even more opportunities to experience the joy of making music


Integrating music education has a positive impact on various aspects of the school culture, including overall engagement and participation. The school’s profile in music will be increased through performances, extracurricular activities, as well as opportunities suggested in lessons and overviews for wider learning. Music education also promotes wellbeing, listening skills, and concentration among students. The goal is to create an environment where both teachers and students alike appreciate music, and are motivated to develop their musical abilities further, both now and in the future.

Music Policy

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Music Progression

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Curriculum Overview 2022-2023

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Curriculum Overview 2023-24

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