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The Intent of Our Curriculum

Our curriculum design has a clear and coherent rationale that is shared across the school and understood by all. We are convinced that our use of the Mantle of the Expert for substantial areas of the curriculum means that children can do, learn and know more about individual subjects, their links knowledge progression and concept sequencing. We aim to ensure that the curriculum is personalised, suitable for our context and that content is accessible for all pupils, allowing them to make progress through the curriculum, meeting or exceeding standards set by the national curriculum.

Mathematical fluency and confidence in numeracy are considered essential for success across the national curriculum. In addition, every opportunity is taken to extend children’s understanding of, and practice, reading, writing, speaking and listening- in discrete lessons and thematic, enquiry based commissions.

Subject leaders have clear roles and responsibilities, with the knowledge, expertise, and practical skills to design and implement a curriculum. Leaders, including governors, regularly review and quality assure the subject to ensure it is implemented well. Ongoing professional development/training is available for staff to meet curriculum requirements, and curriculum expertise is developed across the school. Resources,  serve the school’s curricular intentions and enable effective implementation.

The curriculum is planned to meet pupils’ learning needs and delivered equitably to all groups. Leaders ensure that interventions enhance pupils’ capacity to access the full curriculum. The curriculum has sufficient depth and knowledge coverage, with a model of progression for every subject and, where relevant, how these sequences are delivered through the Mantle of the Expert. Curriculum mapping ensures coverage across the subject over time.

Thoughtful assessment shapes future learning without being excessive or onerous, and assessments are reliable. Leaders ensure staff understand systems to check the reliability of assessments. The planned and delivered curriculum are aligned, ensuring pupils’ progression in knowledge, with parity for all groups of pupils.

The Mantle of the Expert

Our school’s education programme is underpinned by the National Curriculum,  providing quality and excellence through an exciting, stimulating environment that stretches and develops the child as a whole. We use the MANTLE OF THE EXPERT philosophy to allow our learners to develop and apply their knowledge in context.

To find out more about how we use this approach, follow this link.

We believe that this pedagogy enhances the necessary skills needed to progress to secondary school and the competences they need to succeed as learners in life.

Our curriculum rests on a firm foundation of basic skills which will enable our children to ultimately explore and pursue their own interests. Although content is important and is taught according to National Curriculum requirements, skills and attitudes will be developed throughout. Children will discover that learning is not passive, but an active process that leads somewhere and in turn allows the child to see physical, tangible evidence of the skills they have learnt. This also helps children develop an evaluative attitude towards their work, a sense of not only pride in their work and a drive to improve.

As a Church of England school RE is planned and taught discretely in RE days and through our Values curriculum.

At Grimley and Holt, we believe that the primary education curriculum should not be solely focused on meeting targets and league table results. Instead, we aim to create an environment that stimulates and encourages children to develop skills and enjoy learning through a rich and varied curriculum. Our goal is to foster a desire to learn, not just a need to learn, and help children exceed their potential. Our hope is that every child who attends Grimley and Holt has a memorable experience that inspires them to achieve great things in life.

The 2022 schools white paper sets out a target for all mainstream maintained schools to offer a 32.5-hour week (or 6.5-hour days) from September 2023. Staff and governors are currently examining proposals to changes in the school day. This is not a statutory requirement.

The Reception and KS1 classes are expected to complete:

  • At least 5 hours of English and Mathematics each week
  • 2 hours of Science, PE
  • 1 hour of RE and 1.5 hours collective worship.

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