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How we care for children

At Grimley and Holt Primary School, we have a team of teachers who are committed to children’s well-being. We also have Learning Support Assistants who have been trained in Mental Health First Aid, Mindfulness and Drawing and Talking Therapy. We may offer a specific intervention with one of our Learning Support Assistants if a child needs additional support with their emotional health and wellbeing. In addition to this, we also buy into Mentor Link Counselling who work with children one day a week in school. We have 4 members of staff who are trained in Mental Health First Aid.  

Daily check-ins are an important part of the pastoral care that we offer and are part of the Restorative Approaches that we follow. Each teacher will check-in with all children during morning registration. Class teachers or Learning Support Assistants will follow up with any children who may need further support. Additionally, some children have targeted daily check-ins with a named member of staff to support them in school.


Each term, around 20 children are selected for structured conversations. These meeting are additional and extra to termly Parents Evenings and aim to consider the whole child’s academic, emotional and social development with a coordinated home-school approach.

Our approach to behaviour

We operate a ‘good to be green’ behaviour policy (please ask the office for more details). In short, this is a three step system that encourages children to recognise and change any negative behaviour, giving them ownership of the choices that they make. As part of this, we employ restorative approaches in resolving behavioural incidents and building relationships.

All incidents are dealt with in a fair, consistent manner through the use of questioning

  1. What happened?
  2. What were you THINKING and FEELING at the time?
  3. Who has been affected? What harm has been done?
  4. What do you NEED in order to move on and feel better?
  5. What needs to happen NOW to put things right?

These questions are intended to help children to find a positive outcome for themselves in light of any negative events.

Central to this is developing our children’s ability to form positive relationships. Therefore each class in school has a set weekly circle time where they may talk through an issues that may have arisen and look for ways to solve any problems together. They also may look at other aspects of our PSHE curriculum during the circle time sessions.

If you would like to know more information about ‘Restorative Approaches’, please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to explain this further.

We use DOJO points to reward the children’s efforts. These points can ONLY be given, not taken away. This means that children who are faced with individual barriers can always feel a sense of achievement and personal pride.

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