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Developing Independent Learning

The development of independent learning

Metacognitive strategies are, simply put, those that help children to ‘learn to learn’ and regulate their learning behaviour to optimise their academic development. We encourage these strategies by being very explicit about the cognitive and metacognitive processes associated with lessons and tasks, in order that children start to use these more and more in their journey through school. Recent research suggests that there are many- relatively simple- strategies and habits that can be taught and encouraged to allow the processes to become habitual, leading to happier, confident and enthusiastic leaners.

The outcome and aim of metacognitive strategies are to:

  • Allow children to gain in independence and become more resilient
  • Develop children that feel comfortable when making mistakes and view them as learning opportunities
  • Help children to recognise learning skills and strategies that best suit their individual style of learning
  • Encourage application of learning skills in different contexts and subjects
  • Allow children to retain vital transferable learning skills to stand them in good stead for high school, higher education, the world of work and happy and fulfilled lives.
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