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Drug Education

This includes any of the substances that are commonly recognised as being legal or illegal ie. it relates to tobacco, alcohol, over-the-counter medicines, prescribed medicines, any legal volatile substance that may be misused (i.e. glue, solvents, aerosols), as well as any substance obtained illegally,forthepurposesofmentalorphysicalgratification.Thispolicyaimstogivedrugeducation a higher profile and raise awareness for staff, parents and the wider community. Drugs education is an integral part of the planned PDL Programme. In this way drug related issues are reinforced throughout the child’s education, so matching their increasing understanding and

  • To educate children on the effects that drugs have on health and to enable them to make informed choices
  • To give children up to date information on the risks and legal aspects of drug taking
  • To help children learn the communication skills needed to express their concerns and make responsible decisions

At ages 4-7 we feel that children should be introduced to the fact that some substances are dangerous and can cause you harm.

At ages 7-11 we feel that children should be introduced to the fact that while all medicines are drugs, not all drugs are medicines.

They should also begin to be aware of the harmful effects on health of abuse of tobacco, alcohol, solvents and other drugs.

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