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Children as Leaders

  • The School Council

Year 6 develops a School Council each term. The children are major stakeholders in the school and, through the School Council, are given an opportunity both to make a difference to the way the school operates, as well as to develop their citizenship and social skills. The School Council occasionally organises ballots on certain issues helping to teach our children about the democratic system.

  • Digital Leaders

We launched our E Safety Committee in January 2013 to discuss all aspects of E-Safety and the importance of being e-safe at home as well as at school. Our committee has four pupil members from years 5 and 6 and a Safeguarding governor and parents are very welcome to attend. We meet at least once a term to discuss any e-safety issues that may have arisen and discuss how we can deal with them. We are also responsible for reviewing and monitoring our e-safety policy and practice and responding to the changing needs of our school and technology.

  • Learning Detectives

We have a group of 8 learning detectives; 2 from each year group in Key Stage 2. Their role is to look for evidence of learning behaviours in their own, and other classes. The aim of the learning detectives is to identify strengths in learning, in order to report back to their classes, School council, teachers, parents and governors. They also update a learning detective’s display.

The learning detectives focus on questions such as:

  • Are children listening/ concentrating?
  • Do children know what they are learning and it’s relevance?
  • How can the detectives and classmates move learning forward?
  • What are children’s attitudes to learning?
  • What are children’s aspirations regarding school life?
  • What cognitive and metacognitive strategies are being employed in the lesson (by both adults and children)?


  • School Librarians

We have a wonderfully resourced purpose built library which includes non-fiction books, newspapers and journals to suit our range of ages, abilities and interests. We use our library extensively to teach the children how to find, and use, information in their work.

  • The Reception/Year 6 buddy system

Each Reception child buddies with a Year 6 child. The Year 6s look after their buddy, show them where everything is and help them, especially when they first start. They sit with their buddy in the lunch hall for the first couple of weeks and support them on the playground if they hurt themselves or are feeling a little worried about being in school.

Whenever we have a service at church, the Year 6s walk with their buddy and hold their hand to keep them safe. This really helps the younger children to settle into school quickly and to get to know more of the older children throughout the school. The Year 6 children benefit enormously from the sense of responsibility they gain from the buddy system.

  • Children’s contributions to PTFA events

such as running stalls at the summer and Christmas Fair and helping with raffles at performances.


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