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We teach children how society is organised and governed with careful regard to Community Cohesion opportunities. At Grimley and Holt we ensure they experience the process of democracy. Our culture is dependent upon a strong recognition of that with rights comes personal and mutual respect and that we all have responsibilities. Children throughout the school, mainly within the classroom setting, are given various responsibilities on a daily basis. Year by year we encourage the children to take part in a range of practical activities that promote active citizenship, e.g. Charity fundraising, the planning of special school events such as an assembly or an activity to help other groups. As the children reach year 5 and 6, their responsibilities will increase to include whole school responsibilities. Children in year 6 will be invited to participate in a citizenship scheme, which has particular foci on citizenship values. This scheme directly encourages the children to become involved in the wider school community.


Each of the other year groups celebrate citizenship qualities by agreed methods and are consistent within the year group teams.

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