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A Grimley and Holt Child

What is our intent? What do we want a Year 6 child at Grimley and Holt to be like? 

They’re keen to learn, have plenty of self-confidence and they are HAPPY.

Their moral code is highly developed with a strong sense of justice. They are ‘comfortable in their own skin’, socially competent, less dependent on their parents and have developed strong friendships.  

They’re articulate, better at handling their emotions, have the ability to empathise and are confident to take action when they feel something is wrong or unfair. They will have formed a part of our ‘buddy’ system and will have helped other children to enjoy school.

They have learnt a lot and covered all areas of the curriculum. They will also have played conkers, gone pond dipping and invented something amazing.

They have a strong set of academic skills which goes beyond the expectations of the National Curriculum objectives, having enhanced the way that they learn, not just what they learn. They have identified their own learning style and needs and are confident in planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating tasks. This means that what they have learnt at Grimley and Holt stands them in good stead for high school and beyond.

Children at Grimley and Holt are leaders. They have coordinated activities and events- raising lots of money for worthy causes. They lead approaches to the curriculum and work enthusiastically and collaboratively with other children to complete fulfilling, high-quality work.

A year 6 child at Grimley and Holt is resilient, having experienced a variety of different scenarios and applied their knowledge and skills in widely different contexts.

A Grimley child realises that making a mistake provides a learning opportunity!

They value other people and have a keen sense of their part in- and responsibility for- their surrounding environment and community.

A Grimley and Holt child is a happy, confident, and accomplished young person of whom the school and their families are immensely proud.

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