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A Grimley & Holt Scientist

Our vision statement “Loving Science for Life – Excite, Challenge & Question”

At Grimley & Holt CE Primary School, we aim to ensure our children leave us with a lifelong love of Science.  We do this by our three main principles to what makes good science teaching and learning, we believe science is good when we ‘Excite, Challenge & Question.’


Excite – Teachers plan fast paced, hands on enquiry lessons which quickly grab the children’s attention and sustain their interest throughout through hands on activities. Children are excited to learn Science and stay on task with their learning and understand the knowledge and skills they have developed during a lesson.


Challenge – Teachers know where children are through on-going assessment for learning activities.  They plan activities to consolidate and build on prior learning and children know how they can move their own learning on.  Children feel safe to suggest answers even if they are unsure and see no failure in being wrong but only satisfaction and success to learn something new.


Question – Questioning is used effectively by teachers to stimulate discussion, for assessment for learning and to extend learning in the classroom.  Children’s natural curiosity, nurtured from reception, will encourage children to ask questions and they regularly carry out a range of scientific enquiries that challenge their own ideas and generate further questions to investigate with increasing independence.

A child will leave Grimley & Holt with a love of science, a sound scientific skill set and the ethical and responsible attitudes that will allow them to be the guardians of our future in our very changing world.

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