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A Grimley and Holt Writer

When writing, we ask the children to consider what makes a good reading experience. Children are encouraged to record their thoughts, ideas and observations from an early age. A Grimley and Holt Child enjoys telling stories and relaying information, using the skills they have developed to communicate clearly and effectively in their writing.

A Grimley and Holt writer uses writing to share important parts of their life experiences, ideas, and thoughts. Revealing their personality, experience and feelings using words.

A Grimley and Holt child’s writing stays with the reader for a while, making them want to read more.

Their writing is sometimes is short, sometimes long. Too short is not good. Too long is not good either. These are the things that they consider when writing for specific audiences or to achieve specific tasks.

They know that good writing unveils the unexpected; adds value; gives insight or tells a story.

A Grimley and Holt child is adept and finding the right word and recognises that different words or combinations of words makes their writing specific and memorable.

They use a structure or organization that is logical and effective. The sentences they use are easy to understand and fun to read. The order of ideas and the way that they move from one idea to the next feels natural, smooth and expressive.

We aim to develop the sort of writers that display ideas that are interesting and important, and ideas that at a first sight did not seem interesting and important, with a characteristic, entertaining voice.

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