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A Grimley and Holt Communicator

A Grimley and Holt child gives their full attention to the person who is speaking. They don’t look out the window or at what else is going on in the room. They make sure that their mind is focused, and have learnt habits that help them to concentrate on the speaker’s words.

A Grimley and Holt child lets the speaker finish before talking and identifies main ideas and information.  

They ask questions to be sure that their understanding is correct. They give considered feedback. Sit up straight and look directly at the speaker. Now and then, they nod to show that they understand, smile, frown, laugh, or be silent.

They listen with their faces as well as their ears!

A Grimley and Holt child is comfortable when speaking in front of an audience. They know their audience and organise their ideas and thoughts for maximum effect. They welcome feedback and make adaptations where necessary. They are self-assured and let their personality shine through. A Grimley and Holt child uses humour, tells stories and uses effective language…and enjoys communicating!

A Grimley and Holt Raconteur!

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