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The 'Core' subjects


Literacy lies at the heart of the National Curriculum covering speaking, listening, reading and writing – which includes spelling and handwriting. Phonics is taught in a systematic way using Read Write Inc. to support children’s rapid acquisition of phonic skills in the Foundation stage and Key Stage 1 and ability spelling groupings in Key Stage 2. We use Read Write Inc. as our main reading scheme but also value children reading a wide range of books and encourage a close home/school partnership. We emphasise the relationship between reading and writing and plan to create a balanced curriculum for writing in developing each child’s skills in style, content and presentation. Drama is the focus for developing speaking and listening skills. 

Our English Action Plan for 2023-24 can be viewed here.

Our intent:

The English curriculum and learning sequence.

What is a Grimley and Holt Writer? Find out here.

What is a Grimley and Holt Reader? Find out here.

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Mathematics is a combination of concepts, facts, rules, patterns and processes. We use a variety of teaching approaches to promote the skills and knowledge that children are expected to learn. We encourage children to think and enjoy challenges and apply this to solving problems associated with practical real life contexts through our Mantle of the Expert system. We teach a 50 minute session of Calculation skills and then apply these skills in Mantle of the Expert sessions.

For more information, VISIT OUR MATHEMATICS PAGE.

The Maths Action plan for 2023-24 can be viewed here

What does a Grimley and Holt Mathematician look like? Find out here.


We aim to develop the children’s scientific skills through first-hand experiences. Children are encouraged to solve problems by making close observations, planning, predicting, fair testing and recording their findings in a systematic way. We foster responsible attitudes towards the environment and all living things.

Find out more about Science at Grimley here.

What is a Grimley Scientist? Find out here.

The Science Action plan for 2023-24 can be viewed here.

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