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NCTEM Mastering Number at Reception and Key Stage 1

Mastering number is taught from reception to year 2 on top of our mastery maths lessons . The aim of this is that over time, children will leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number. 

Through the Autumn term, we aim to extend objectives associated with mathematics early learning goals, into a coherent sequence with smaller steps, rather than been driven solely by the broad Early Learning Goals and bringing these into line with sequences operating at Key Stage 1. 

This has been supported by Reception and Key Stage 1 involvement in the NCTEM Mastering Number programme through the local Maths Hub (GLOW). 

This programme involves short sessions, similar in delivery to Phonics, that prioritise the learning and automaticity of number bonds (addition and subtraction) and the practise and consolidation of subitisation. It is is systematic and involves short, high impact sessions that focus on choral response, STEM sentences, planned questioning and the use of routines, rhymes and songs. These are undifferentiated sessions, but also specifically address the needs of lower attainers (and critically those with Speech and Language delay) through pre-teaching, additional teaching and extra (ideally same day) practise- emphasising ‘keeping up’ rather than ‘catching up’.

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