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Helping children with Reading

Our whole school aim is for children to read and to want to read. Our Reading Rocket incentive supports this goal.

We would love all children to read daily at home. This is so important at this moment in time following the impact the pandemic has had on our children’s learning. We continue to ask that parents and carers sign Pupil Planners/Reading Records each time their child reads and shares a book with them.

FOUR signatures in a week (Saturday-Friday) will mean a child has achieved their Reading Rocket goal for that week.

FIVE Reading Rocket achievements in a half term will lead to a child being awarded a certificate and an extra play.

Let’s support our children reading for enjoyment. Reading enables doors to open to ALL their learning and is known to support their mental health too.

‘… children’s aspirations and their view of the world are profoundly influenced by the books they read. Books are mirrors: they impact on how children see themselves; they are also windows, providing valuable insight into a broad spectrum of different lives and cultures.’

(Diana Gerald: CEO of BookTrust)

Helping with reading at home

SAt Grimley and Holt we have been looking at how we can help you to support your child’s learning at home.

We use Oxford Owl in school and think you would find the dedicated parent/carer pages really useful. Oxford Owl for Home includes expert advice, top tips, activity ideas and eBooks – all for free.

If you would like to take a look, simply go to and click on ‘For Home’.

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