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Our Intent


“Children have the right to enjoy childhood online, to access safe online spaces, and to benefit from all the opportunities that a connected world can bring to them, appropriate to their age and stage” (UKCIS, 2020). 

At Grimley and Holt Primary School, we are dedicated to equipping our pupils with the necessary skills to become responsible and safe digital citizens. We believe that learning about online safety should be an integral part of our curriculum, and we have adopted the UK Council for Internet Safety’s ‘Education for a Connected World’ (2020) framework to guide our approach. Our teaching of online safety objectives will go beyond the computing curriculum and will be incorporated into various subjects, such as PSHE or RHE lessons, as well as home learning, assemblies and special events. We believe that by adopting this approach, our pupils will be able to develop appropriate online behaviours, build resilience, and have positive online experiences. Our commitment to keeping all pupils safe is unwavering, and we strive to achieve this through a range of subjects and approaches.


Online Safety is taught at half termly intervals in year groups. This involves examining and demonstrating appropriate behaviour and how to stay safe online. Our lessons are focused on

  • Self Image and Identity
  • Online Relationships
  • Online Reputation
  • Online Bullying
  • Managing Online Information
  • Health, Well-being and Lifestyle
  • Privacy & Security
  • Copyright & Ownership

To ensure the safety of our pupils, we regularly share advice and guidance on keeping children safe online while at home.


We measure our impact in the following ways –

  • Talking to the children about what they have learned in open discussion.
  • Evidence based work that they have produced, ie posters, bookmarks, quizzes.
  • Parental feedback
  • Security and filtering reports produced weekly

Our goal is to provide our students with the necessary life skills to help them move forward confidently, while also being responsible and mature when using new technology. We want them to feel assured that they have received thorough education on the importance of internet safety.


Our Online Safety Policy

Advice from Internet Matters

Search here for parental controls guides for broadband, mobile, smartphones, social media, search engines and more.

Online Safety Sequence

Sequence of Learning for Key Stage 2

Online Safety Sequence

Sequence of Learning for Reception and Key Stage 1

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