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How we develop a creative approach through the Mantle of the Expert

Dorothy Heathcote developed an approach to education which allows the learner to engage in a ‘real life’ problem or scenario. As a consequence of this, the children collaborate to develop an approach to a ‘commission’, developing skills and knowledge along the way!

To support this, teachers must develop a facilitative approach to learning, ensuring that all aspects of the National curriculum are covered, and children develop and apply their declarative and procedural knowledge in a fun, imaginative and proactive way.

The topics that children cover during an academic year are carefully selected to ensure that children cover all aspects of the National Curriculum, meet end of Key Stage objectives and that subject learning sequences that allow the steady accretion of knowledge are threaded through the topics with which the children engage.

You can see how the sequence of learning for Geography and History ‘fit’ into the Mantle of the Expert here.

Below is a brief description of the components of the Mantle of the Expert programme that we have planned for the 2022-23 session for Key Stage 1.

The table below shows the overview of Mantle of the Expert topics for Key stage 1 During the 2022-23 session

The details of curriculum coverage for each term are illustrated below

During each academic year, we ensure that children are working towards end of Key Stage objectives, and that during their time in Years 1 and 2, they revisit these objectives to rehearse and consolidate knowledge and skills in all subjects before moving on to Key Stage 2. This ‘spiralling’ of the curriculum is vital in ensuring that children adopt appropriate schema when faced with new problems and do not develop misconceptions that are barriers to their learning.

Obviously, children have different interests and develop knowledge in different ways and at different rates. We ensure that each session is differentiated accordingly, and children are tracked against skills progression sequences for each subject. No child will be faced with a new task without having the appropriate knowledge and skills to build on!

In this way, we ensure that children have the opportunity to acquire new skills, rehearse and consolidate them throughout their learning journey at Grimley and Holt.

There are some National Curriculum objectives that are not covered in the Mantle of the Expert topics. This is because they do not fit in with the overall theme/sequence  or it is more appropriate to teach a generic skill or knowledge base discretely. Careful mapping allows us to ensure that ALL objectives are covered.

Mantle of the Expert topics 2021-22

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