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Personal Development Learning

At Grimley and Holt Primary School, we believe that every student has the right to reach their full learning potential, and that personal, social, and emotional skills play a crucial role in achieving this. To achieve our vision, we aim to balance doing our personal best with compassion and care for all members of our communities.

Our program for Personal Development and Learning (PDL) includes social, health, learning skills, and citizenship education. We teach essential life skills, such as being lifelong learners, respecting differences in others, and taking responsibility for our actions. We also instill respect for others, including spiritual, social, moral values, and different cultures and religions.

PDL is a statutory entitlement for all students, and we teach it explicitly through a planned curriculum that is embedded in our other subjects. We strive to create a supportive and welcoming community where all students feel valued and heard.

Our teachers are trained to deliver PDL and associated programs, and they use a range of teaching strategies, including discussions, role play, creative activities, and problem-solving. We encourage children to develop confidence, independence, and a healthy, safer lifestyle. We also teach them to respect others, participate in society as informed, active, and responsible citizens, and appreciate the interdependencies of communities.

We understand that different students have different needs, so we provide PDL on a needs-led basis as situations arise. We also explore core values and key issues through assemblies and other initiatives, such as the Eco School, Healthy Activity, Digital Leader action groups, and Learning Detectives work.

In summary, we believe that PDL is too important to be left to chance, and we strive to provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow and succeed in life.

Personalised learning

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