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School Clubs

Summer Term Clubs

Here are the Clubs for the Summer term. If you would like to run a club or if you would like you child to join a club please ask a member of staff or contact the office. However, we expect your child to commit to these clubs throughout the term. Children must be collected at 4pm promptly otherwise they will automatically be placed in after school care which will result in a charge. Please keep a copy of the club sheet so you know when your child needs to attend.

Keyboard clubMonday after school until 4pm (14/1 21/1 28/1 11/2) £2 per session (10 places)Y5 – 6Mr Carpenter
RecorderMonday after school until 4pm (25/2 4/3 11/3 18/3 25/3 1/4) (15 places)Y4 – 6Mr Carpenter
TuitionTuesday (15/1 22/1 25/1 5/2 12/2 26/2 5/3 12/3 19/3 26/3 2/4 9/4) Free (12 places)Y4 – 6Mrs Watkins
Football Tuesdays after school until 4pm (22/1 29/1 5/2 12/2 26/2 5/3 13/3 19/3 26/3 2/4) £2 per session Y4 – 6

Mr Carpenter, Mr Soley

BasketballWednesdays after school until 4pm (23/1 30/1 6/2 13/2 27/2 6/3 13/3 20/3 27/3 3/4) £2 per session (20) Y1 – 6 Mr Faci
Gardening Thursdays after school until 4pm (24/1 31/1 7/2 14/2 28/2 7/3 14/3 21/3 28/3 4/4) £2 per session (20) YR – 6 Mrs Skelton
Cooking Club Thursdays after school until 4pm (10/1 17/1 24/1 31/1 7/2 14/2) £5 per session (20 places) Y1 – 6 Mrs Wilson
ICT club Thursdays after school until 4pm (17/1 24/1 31/1 7/2) £2 per session (15 places) Y3 – 6 Mrs Patterson
ICT clubThursdays after school until 4pm (28/2 7/3 14/3 21/3) £2 per session (15 places) YR – 2Mrs Patterson
Film club Friday after school until 4.30pm (1/2 1/3) £5 per session YR – 6 Mr Richards

Before and After School Clubs

At Grimley and Holt we provide an out of school service for parents which starts at 7.45am and finishes at 5.30pm each week day. This takes the form of two clubs

  • Breakfast club which runs from 7.45am and finishes when the school starts at 8.45am. The children have the opportunity to have toast with jam and butter or a choice of cereals plus a drink. We also have special days with themed breakfasts throughout the year. This club provides the children with the opportunity to socialise, play games, complete homework and take part in art and sport activities. The clubs costs £3.50 per morning and is run by our team of TA’s
  • After School Club runs daily from 3pm until 5.30pm. The children enjoy a range of snacks throughout the week and can choose from a range of activities on each day including construction, sports, watching films, art and craft and cooking. The children enjoy time both inside and outside in our fabulous school grounds. The club costs £2.50 per half an hour. Ms Walton leads the club with support from other school staff.


  • To support working parents by providing out of schoolcare.

  • To provide planned playactivities

  • To provide breakfast and an after school snack in a safe,friendly environment.


  • The clubs will provide breakfast or after school snack and they willcomply with health and safetystandards.

  • The club leader will provide fun activities e.g. games, reading, drawing,ICT activities, arts and crafts and outdoor activities.

  • Thestaff willberesponsibleforthecareofthechildrentreatingthemwith respect at alltimes.

  • Parents are required to book slots for the days they require Out of School Care for the whole term which will be charged as follows.

* A full booking = £12.50 – to be used if a child is be collected between 4.30pm and 5.30pm

* A half booking = £7.50 for collection between 3pm and 4.30pm

* A Club Full Booking – £7.50 – For children who attend an after school club and are collected between 4.30pm and 5.30pm

* A club short booking – £2.50 – For children who attend an after school club and are collected by 4.30pm

* A breakfast booking – £3.50 for children dropped at school before 8.25am

Two weeks’ notice must be given to any changes to your child’s booked slots. Absence of the child from school due to illness will not be charged.

  • The charges outlined above are per child. Any sibling will be charged at half price for any full, half or club bookings. This discount does not apply to Breakfast bookings

  • Additional charges will be made if children are picked up later than the end of the club at 5.30pm (with £10 being charged for every 15 minutes late). Any children with a half booking and collected after 4.30pm will result in a full booking being charged. Any full bookings collected before 4.30pm will be charged for a half.

  • There will be 5 additional places available for each day which can be booked in advance with the office. These bookings need to be no later than 12 noon on the day for an after school orby4pm on the preceding day for breakfast. Once these 5 places have been allocated we will be unable to except more children due to our health and safety policy. These bookings will be subject to a small administration charge of £1 per child.

  • Parents or carers should sign their children in and/or out each day in order to comply with our health and safetypolicy.

  • Invoices will be raised on a monthly basis for the charges for the previous month. Payment must be received by the school office no later than the date on the invoice.

  • The school must have received a completed information form for each child attending the club. This information will be kept in a secure place. Please inform school of any changes in contact details.

  • Out of school club staff will attend training whenappropriate.

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